4th August
written by Author

Sorry folks…folk, been adjusting to the new job, getting things in order, but don’t worry, I have about 150 more bars to post and I’m still finding more.  It’s tough trying to be creative (if you want to call it that) for the majority of bars that are run of the mill and, well, I just lost the energy.  Anywho, sob story over, I’ll do my best to post on weekdays on a regular basis, and away we go!

2nd September
written by Author

Sorry for the lack of posts, decided to take the summer and spruce up my writing skil…ha, who am I kidding, posts will be the same as always!

For the dozens of readers (probably overestimating), I’ll be sprucing up the website come the new year, hopefully take it to another level.

So, away we go…