17th April
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Frederick Douglas Blvd. and 116th St.

Now this is a spot I can behind!  Big outdoors front area, plenty of room inside at the bar, tons of sports on TV’s all over, and the food is pretty good too.  Service is friendly and can handle the crowd, which is basically every group from the surrounding area.  Average and above average beers, average prices, taste fine.


14th April
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Frederick Douglas Blvd. btw 112th and 113th St.

Cocktail bar that’s airy and friendly and not pretentious, what they should all be like!  Well, it’s a little small, but the crowd is friendly and chatty, as well as the bartender, and the crowd is a good mix of the neighborhood and humanity.  Cocktails at average cocktail prices, taste pretty good.


13th April
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Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. btw 133rd and 134th St.

Really cool bar with an excellent live music space.  Lots of room around the bar area, not as much by the stage, and quite possibly the best chicken wings I’ve ever had.  Service is good and there’s a great mix of people.  Your average beers on tap, average prices, taste fine.


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19th January
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Frederick Douglas Blvd. btw 113th and 114th St.

As newer building start springing up north of 110th, the bars thankfully follow suit.  This German beer establishment (not big enough to be designated a “hall” in my opinion) has a bunch of tables, serves your typical German fare with your typical beer steins/glass boots.  The beer tastes good for your typical German beers, price is average for the size of the beer you’re getting, very friendly staff.