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18th February
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26th St. btw 6th Ave. and Broadway

I think it would be fair to call this half bar, half beer hall…well, better upstairs bar, downstairs beer hall.  All craft beer menu with plenty of cocktails as well, this venue is going for the old-timey feel, which explains the lack of sound on all of the sports TV’s downstairs (yes, I’m fully aware radio came before TV, just roll with the joke, ok).  It really is like two different bars, with a bit of a haughty/pretentious air upstairs and downstairs filled with a more energetic crowd.  Crowd is business kids, area workers, 20’s- and 30’s, and people who mix it up with Flatiron Room across the street.  Service is good, food is ok, above average drinks at above average prices, taste fine.

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