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11th May
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2nd Ave. btw 42nd and 43rd St

What to say about such an establishment.  Drive by during the day, you see what looks like a nice large bar.  Come back when it’s drinking time (for people besides me, that is defined as after 5) and it’s a complete shit show in here.  Overcrowded, bouncers at the door with hand stamps and bracelets, meatheads, and even worse, B&T’s, waitresses who pose as patrons to try and get you to buy shots (I will not be fooled temptress!!!), the fact that I can’t see anyone more than 5 feet from my face…all of this adds up to the fact that I’m not willing to go back here just for the cheap beers.  One plus is that the drinks are pretty cheap, taste fine and they have decent margaritas…alright, I guess that’s a “2.5 plus” instead of just one plus.

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