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9th July
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11th St. and West Side Highway

If a bar is this far west and out of the way, it better be good.  Well done, guys (or ladies), well done.  Now, there’s not much room to sit and there’s a little too much pointless crap (a la T.G.I. Fridays) on the walls but bonus points for no barstools (the way it should be) and a free jukebox with great music.   There is a line on weekend nights, so be forewarned.  As for drinks, they have average priced drinks but they tasted great thanks to certain additives.  For example, the Tecate has salt poured into it by the bartender, tasted great.  And who knew pickle juice chasers diluted awkward tasting shots?  You did?  Well I’m a little behind on the times, glad I caught up.  Nice bartender too.

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