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12th July
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Washington St. and Little W. 12th St.

An attempt at a beer garden in Manhattan?  This can’t be good…I was pretty much right.  Okay, they have three German beers, this is the usual even at the Queens beer gardens, but you have to buy drink tickets for them at the front desk/kiosk/booth.  But there’s a ton of liquor here, so I’m hesitant to call it a beer garden.  You have the crowd of people who think drinking and beer gardens are a “cool new fad” and so they wander over from Pastis and think they’re really down to earth.  Toss in the fact that there’s two ping pong tables taking up a huge chunk of room, usually occupied by really intense people/people who couldn’t play to save their souls but giggle the whole time…both groups causing the balls to go flying all over the place and having the loser chase under your table for it.  The whole place is covered by the High Line, so it’s open almost all year with space heaters.  That being said, $8 for a large beer isn’t unexpected, they taste pretty good, and I will give points for a very attractive wait staff.

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