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25th August
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2nd Ave. and 1st St.

My friend was always intrigued to try this place but figured the inside looked as welcoming as the outside.  So I took the plunge for him and went in.  Now, I’m sure at some point this place was a good dive bar and tetanus was rampant.  However, my friend would be displeased to know that it has become what I refer to as a hipster-dive bar.  Basically, hipster bartender and the décor is from people who tried too hard to keep it looking like it’s been here since the 60’s/70’s.  Or who knows, it may have always been like this and has just swept more often now.  Judging from the hipsters drinking here, I’ll go for the former.  Beers tasted average, average prices, and you have your old guys who hit on anything that moves.

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