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27th March
written by Author

48th St. btw 6th and 7th Ave.

This bar must purely exist for events or for people who work in the neighborhood to pretend to be big shots.  You enter into a decent sized space lined with booths for bottle service, and lots of people in suits dropping $14 for cocktails.  The scene is business kids, staff is very attentive, cocktails at above cocktail prices (~$13), taste alright.



28th April
written by Author

Amsterdam Ave. and 80th St.

Whoa, talk about out of place.  And I mean not only me being in this bar/lounge, but this place in the neighborhood.  If you are one of those people that like club music and don’t want to leave the Upper West Side, go here.  The drinks are pricier than normal, taste average but there’s not much to do here but pick a corner and be left alone.  Downstairs is the “club portion”…I guess.